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    Anne Rice Behaving Badly

    Please don't hit me with Jesus, Anne!

    I’m always out of the loop, but it has come to my attention that if you’re a blogger who gives an Anne Rice book a bad review, Ms. Rice will comment on it.  Apparently this turns her legion of fans into vengeful defenders of her work, flooding said blogger with hateful comments.  I read a few and some were not hateful, but others were fairly outrageous.

    Now that I’m aware that a bestselling author takes the time to read reviews of her books, I’d like to mention that I never cared for her style of writing.  A bit too wordy for me.  It reminds me of reading The Hunt for Red October and thereafter being able to pilot a nuclear submarine.  It’s really not necessary for the story.   And even with all the details which enabled me to pilot said submarine, I still prefer Clancy to Rice.   It’s possible Stephen King’s ‘Salem’s Lot ruined all other vampire books for me.  Thanks a lot, Stephen!  No, really.  I mean that.

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    4 comments to Anne Rice Behaving Badly

    • Anne Rice will end you, Nove.

    • Hi Kat,
      Don’t know Anne Rice’s novels, better look them up and see if they need a bad review! How are you and have you slaughtered anyone either in the shop or at home lately? :)

      Haven’t been on the NBW site for a long time but keeping up my membership until the end of the year at least. Writing third Susan Prescott novel very slowly, but a halt has been called as I have popped out a malignant patch in my mouth which has to be dealt with VERY shortly!

      Andrew well and the ratties are their usual charming selves and send rattie kisses to you!


      Diana xx

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